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Article: Semi permanent lip makeup: everything you need to know


Semi permanent lip makeup: everything you need to know

Lip semi permanent make-up is usually associated with too bright color, usually causing reluctance or fear. However, the reality is very different! The technology and pigments used in our workshop today provide a very discrete result. They ensure the natural redesign and beautification of the mouth. The main point of the problem.

What is semi permanent lip makeup?

Semi permanent lip makeup is a technique that uses a very thin needle to inject pigment into the surface of the skin. It allows the emphasis and correction of contours by correcting the asymmetry. Lips can also be colored with different intensities.

Who is he talking to?

All women! If you find your lips too thin or pale, semi permanent make-up is a good choice to sublimate them without changing them too much, unlike injections of hyaluronic acid and other products that change their volume. If you are satisfied with your lips, but want to bring a little energy to them to get more sexy, semi permanent make-up is also a good idea!

do you have any pain?

Like any semi permanent make-up, the process is not particularly pleasant. The lips are highly innervated mucous membranes, performing more painful than semi permanent eyebrow makeup. Don't worry, it's still totally tolerable, and the use of anesthetics is not essential.

What is visual rendering?

According to your expectations and the nature of your lips, eyebrow studio offers several semi permanent lip makeup techniques:

  • Outline: The color of the paint is the same as that of your lips. It only applies to the contour to make it clearer and correct possible mismatches. This technique gives the impression that the lips stretch naturally.
  • Gradient profile: The contour is redrawn, just like the previous technique, but this time, the practitioner degrades the lips slightly inward to make the color subtle.
  • Fillings: the outline has been redrawn and the interior of the lips has been colored. If you don't want to apply lipstick every day, the effect will be more complex and produce the ideal "make-up" effect!

How will the meeting be held?

The first step is to discuss your wishes and expectations with the practitioners. Depending on the nature of your lips, she will also give you her own advice and advice.

Once the route is verified, the second step is to select the hue and intensity of the pigment to be used. Here, you can choose a very natural rose, orange tone, to bring more vitality to your skin color, or a more red tone, if you want a "make-up" effect.

Then, the practitioner extracts the selected pigment with a needle to complete the final tracking. The whole meeting will take about an hour.

What precautions should be taken before and / or after delivery?

The day before the meeting:

  • Remove lips with mild gum.
  • Moisten your lips with moisturizer to avoid dry lips on the day of the performance.

Four hours after class, smoking is not recommended

One week later:

  • Moisten lips
  • Protect them from the sun
  • Avoid make-up

If you have herpes labialis:

Your doctor should prescribe specific treatment before and after the session to limit the risk of initiation after the benefit.

Are retouching necessary?

Retouching is less common than during semi-permanent eyebrow makeup because the injection of pigments into the mucous membranes is more durable than in the skin. Of course, each person reacts differently, but we generally feel that an annual touch-up is enough to maintain the hue.

What is the rate of the service?

  • Circle: €300
  • Degraded contour: €380
  • Filling: 480

A retouching session is included in each of these rates.


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