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One side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is the fall of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. The absence of eyebrows alters the balance of the face considerably, and some women find it difficult to accept it. Semi-permanent makeup is a solution to regress the expression of gaze and femininity.

Since the opening of her first workshop in 2006, Joss Devilleneuve, founder of the Atelier du Sourcil, has offered women in chemotherapy the benefit of preferential rates on semi-permanent makeup.

Since your first workshop in 2006, women undergoing chemotherapy benefit from preferential rates. Is it a way for you to fight with them, to be with them?

JOSS: Since the opening of my first workshop, I have made a commitment to support the image of women so that they can maintain a certain femininity. When the eye is no longer supported, it can lead to a loss of self-confidence. Tracing eyebrows in semi-permanent makeup makes it possible to cross this ordeal with devices that facilitate the gaze on oneself, for some women, do not generalize ... We can also live without it, but our role is to be present.

Do you think beauty can help overcome this ordeal?

JOSS: Beauty may be accepted without any device. I am in favour of the choice of women. And I see that they know they are beautiful and take care of it, so beauty is where you want to take it. Our role is that of advice and respect.

Therefore, semi-permanent makeup is not recommended during chemotherapy?

JOSS: Semi-permanent makeup is recommended, but it can disappear more quickly. You can't really go ahead, but there's still a pretty good performance. For those who wish, we ask for a medical agreement in order to respect the doctors' opinions before moving on to this beauty act.

What advice would you give to these women who live this ordeal and wish to come to the Deaf Workshop?

JOSS: It is difficult to advise, but for those who wish to preserve a line, it is recommended to make a semi-permanent makeup before the first treatment sessions. And to do the retouch after the first treatment session. I have a friend who was touched. This act of beauty helped him through this complicated moment, having in the eyes a depth and a pattern of eyebrows. But I don't give advice or not to do. We are there for those who wish to pass the doors of the Atelier du Sourcil.

Microblading: 140 € instead of 280 €
Microshading: 100 € instead of 200 €
Mixed: 120 € instead of 240 €

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