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Article: The Rehaucils ®: the raising of eyelashes of the Atelier du Sourcil, the clipping of your gaze!

The Rehaucils ®: the raising of eyelashes of the Atelier du Sourcil, the clipping of your gaze!

Ideal for the summer, the raising of cilia and its dyeing offer a nice curvature to your eyelashes while preserving a natural rendering.

Up to six weeks, you will no longer need a clamp curved cil or mascara and can sunbathe, bathe and beat lashes at infinity at the beach or elsewhere!


Less famous than the permanent or colouring, the raising of cilia raises eyelashes and allows them to gain from natural length unlike other benefits!
No more need to call on his curved eye! A benefit that the most pressed will love! Up to six weeks, your eyelashes are curved naturally and redraw your eyes gently. Our technicians, trained in our training centres, work at the base of the eyelashes for breathtaking rendering. This is not the case with the colouring or permanent that acts in the middle of the cilia. The risk of recovering with a falling eye is stronger ... Fortunately, the enhancement extends the eye and the sublime! This benefit is strongly recommended for those with small eyelashes, straight or falling eyelashes. It takes 45 minutes to get this result. During your appointment, your practitioner will study the shape of your eye and adapt its technique in order to offer you a personalized result. The eyelashes, glued onto a silicone patch, will take the desired shape. The curvature is then fixed. The session is painless and you can, if you wish, make up your makeup twelve hours later.

L' Atelier du Sourcil proposes you to accumulate the raising of cilia (Rehaucils®) With the dye for a more intense result or to complement it with an extension of cilia. The trick of Joss, our founder, some extensions at the external corner of the eye for a 100 % glamour effect!

If you do not want dyeing or extension, you can apply on the tip of the cilia, our UPCILS mascara For a more sophisticated result. Do not hesitate to apply the RICIGEL Which will feed your eyelashes to reinforce them and you can win a few more days before they return to their original form.

Be aware that this service is harmless for your beautiful eyes! However, if you have a predisposition to allergies it is strongly advised to specify these to your practitioner before you begin, in this case a free test can be carried out. L' Atelier du Sourcil advises you to wait a month between each high to let the cilia rest. For the makeup, the micellar water or the make-up laits are ideal for not attacking the hair. Do not use oily products that could affect the effect and delivery of the service.

You still don't know to choose between enhancement/Rehaucers®, extension or dyeing of cilia? Make a consulting appointment with our technicians who will guide you and advise you best according to your profile and your expectations.

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