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Article: Eyeliner and ras de cil or the subtle art of semi-permanent makeup

Eyeliner and ras de cil or the subtle art of semi-permanent makeup

It's just a simple black line to draw a look. But this slight black line demands dexterity and know-how.

So, what a disappointment when one sees the fruit of his work swept away by a few tears or a few drops of unwanted perspiration! Fortunately, the Atelier du Sourcil offers techniques to preserve the famous eye of biche. With the semi-permanent makeup finish the makeup that sinks, the nerve crises with its brush in front of its mirror and live the perfect reveils!
For the addicts of the makeup, the semi-permanent makeup is a durable solution over time. This technique perfectly marries the curves of your eyes and draws a perfect rendition. Pratiqué with subtlety, he promises you on the eyes a sensual and glamorous result.

Eyeliner or Ras de Cil?

Everything depends on your cravings and your personality! The artists of the Atelier du Sourcil are trained for several months to create a form in harmony with the features of your face and your gaze. They will advise you and guide you.
The eye of the cilium Is the link of the eyelashes with an extremely fine line that highlights the eyes. He redefines the eye and skillfully skillfully. The rendering is very natural while providing density. With this incredibly fine line, the eyelashes seem more provided!
Thicker than the eyebrow, Eyeliner Is the eye of biche if desired! It allows to enlarge and extend the gaze that is metamorphosed! But attention, the council of the Atelier du Sourcil is not to go beyond the eyelid. With age, the eyelid is collaping and eyeliner may increase the eye ...

How does it work?

The technician implements pigments with a needle. The session lasts approximately 30 minutes. If you are sensitive, you can ask your doctor for an anaesthetic cream to apply 30 minutes before the session. The pigments of the Atelier du Sourcil are French and approved by European legislation. So no risk to the organization and it's good to know! After the session, for 48 hours, your eyelids will be slightly inflated, but the Atelier du Sourcil has a small recipe: put green tea pads that have decongestant virtues!
At your session, indicate to your practitioner if you are allergic. Pigmentation is not an act to be taken lightly, so do not hesitate to consult our little fées du look!

How long does it last?

The skin being very thin, you must know that the eyes keep the pigment perfectly. Your makeup can hold between 8 months and a year and even more! When the color becomes grey anthracite, it is the signal to make a retouch!
To you the fatal look!

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