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Article: Le Bleu, a new must see in autumn

Le Bleu, a new must see in autumn

Although people usually like the neutral color of autumn, this color is not limited to hot and sunny days. Blue is one of the most important colors of the season.

For years, nostalgia has been hanging over our wardrobe. The madness of the 1990s is everywhere and not ready to change. From now on, our make-up box also invites women from the 1990s. From gloss to brown lipstick to sequins, all these great trends are back to today's taste. Our eyes can't escape this phenomenon! If the superfine eyebrows are not ready to return to the front of the stage, when a blue eye shadow come back We won this fall. This color has been considered a must-have this season!

Blue is a lot It's harder than blackIt's brighter than the brown one, bold and not too much. Because of the different colors, it's easier to wear than some colors. It became New neutral point-Yes. All women have bruises, especially Indigo tone Suitable for all massacres. This beautiful color is very versatile and suitable for all occasions. She is very fashionable during the day and more nervous at night when she makes up.

Blue eye shadow has been forgotten for some time, and the shadows proposed in the 19th century are usually frosted and not always pleasing. But like gloss, a new generation of blue eyelid shaders is changing the rules of the game. It's more intense, deeper, and most importantly, More modern-Yes. This trend is moving towards a more fashionable and refined version.

How to wear blue this season?

For fashionable cosmetics, we started using colors in the 1990s, but no longer apply eye shadow from the eyelash line to the top of the eyebrow arch.

Blue can be worn like this Subtle Touch it. The easiest way is to draw the eyeliner along the upper eyelash line. In order to get a stronger visual effect, we first draw a black or brown line, and then add a blue line on it. The lower eyelash line can also be highlighted in blue. The combination of blue and black is a safe value, but to provide more light, you can choose a dark blue color, such as cobalt blue or Indigo, and then choose a brighter color, such as Turquoise under the eyelashes. Another option is to add a little bold touch to her eyes, apply blue eye shadow to the center of her eyelids, and have a smoky effect at the same time. It will be an unexpected and subtle look. We also like to put a little blue in the inner corner of the eye instead of highlighting it.

Bright colors are very popular nowAt this time, different makeup trends encourage people to go out of the comfort zone. So we focus on the more complex beauty. The entire eyelid is painted with a strong color, such as cobalt blue, King blue or sapphire blue. For a more intense look, you can choose the halo effect and highlight the lower eyelash line with the same hue. stay Smoke eye Wearing blue is also a good choice. We choose at least three different colors for comparison.

This fall, we did not hesitate to adopt Metallic blue Because metallic colors are very popular. You can combine blue with gold, silver or copper to give your eyes size.

What color of blue suits my eyes?

Every color of the eye, its blue shadow! In order to find the perfect tone for your eyes, don't miss the opportunity to try different colors until you find the one that suits you best.

Blue is ideal for brown and brown eyes. Your eyes will be sublimated by King blue or navy blue to form a perfect contrast with your iris color. However, you can allow yourself to use all blue.

If you have blue eyes, forget the myth that you can't make up in blue. Instead, the color highlights your iris. Especially dark colors, such as dark blue, navy blue, petroleum blue or turquoise.

Finally, if you have green eyes, it's harder to accept the trend, because blue makes your eyes dull. On the other hand, you can use a universal hue like indigo.

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