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Article: World Beard Day: what if we also plucked our eyebrows?

World Beard Day: what if we also plucked our eyebrows?

If bearded men devote a whole range of care to their beards, this is not always the case for their eyebrows. However, eyebrows are essential elements to preserve the harmony of our face. Their hair removal and maintenance are therefore essential for a resplendent and luminous masculine face.

September 2 is World Beard Day . On this special day, bearded men are traditionally allowed to do nothing! It is true that maintaining a beard is far from being a pleasure. But, what about men's eyebrows ? If for women plucking their eyebrows is a beauty routine carried out by most of them, for men this is not always the case. However, plucking your eyebrows is as important for a man as for a woman. Find out why it is so important to pluck your eyebrows and how to go about it for the best possible success .

Why pluck your eyebrows when you're a man?

Eyebrow waxing is not just for women. On the contrary, having well-plucked eyebrows brightens your eyes and harmonizes the features of your face . It is true that generally male hair removal aims less to refine the eyebrows, but rather to restructure them to mainly avoid two phenomena that are quite common in men:

  • The mono-brow effect : this is what happens when your two eyebrows give the impression of meeting between your eyes. This effect, often a source of ridicule, the mono-brow can easily be corrected with well-performed hair removal.
  • Bushy eyebrows : some men have a lot of hair and can have very thick eyebrows. Plucking your eyebrows can therefore allow you to thin them out and find a brighter and more sophisticated look.

The benefits of properly performed hair removal for men

Plucking your eyebrows has many advantages:

Restructure your eyebrow lines

Above all, eyebrow waxing allows you to reshape the natural lines of your eyebrow arches . This allows, among other things, to hide certain defects and harmonize the features of your face. The effect is usually immediate, giving you a brighter look.

A tailor-made technique

Some men may be skeptical about eyebrow waxing and are afraid of ending up with a look that is too superficial, which could lack virility. But you should know that hair removal from areas of the face is carried out to the nearest millimeter, or even hair by hair. In this way, you have the possibility to choose exactly the thickness of eyebrows you want to keep and the exact shape you want to favor.

Have better self-esteem

On the other hand, the end result generally gives a more polished look , which allows you to have better self-esteem , possibly hiding your small imperfections (very thick and bushy eyebrows, mono-brow effect, slight asymmetry, etc.).

Men's eyebrows: when and how to pluck them?

Here are some tips for successful eyebrow waxing if you are a man. Note that the techniques used for men's eyebrow hair removal are similar to those used for women, even if the hair removal of a man's eyebrows requires specific know-how and particularities that you must know how to master in order not to be disappointed with the result obtained. This is why, even if it is entirely possible to pluck your eyebrows alone , it is advisable to go to a specialized beauty salon at least the first few times.

When is the best time to pluck your eyebrows?

Generally, like shaving your beard, waxing your eyebrows should ideally be done after a shower . The pores of your skin are then dilated. This will allow you to pull out the hairs more easily .

What technique should you adopt when plucking your eyebrows alone?

Here, moreover, are the main steps to follow for successful eyebrow hair removal:

  1. Brush your eyebrows with a small, clean brush head.
  2. Start by removing hair , with tweezers , from the space between your two eyes. Use a ruler or pencil to help yourself. Place it against your nose and follow the line that passes through the inner corner of your eye. This line will determine where the head of your eyebrows should begin.
  3. If you find that your eyebrows are too long , you can perform the same operation at the tail of your eyebrow . This should normally stop at the point of intersection between your eyebrow and the imaginary line which passes through the bridge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye.
  4. Last step, thin out your eyebrows by brushing the hairs upwards and cutting them little by little to reduce their height . Always proceed with caution to find the perfect volume that will suit you. Indeed, eyebrows that are too thin or too sparse are not ideal for a man, especially if you want to maintain a natural appearance.

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