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Article: Interview with Christina Cordura


Interview with Christina Cordura

What if we find your style?

Christina Cordura, godmother of eyebrow studio

Cristina cordula is a member of an unconditional eyebrow studio on "new life, new face" on M6. Christina was involved in a question and answer game. This fashion beauty expert also invites you to become a fan of our studio.

How did you find the eyebrow studio?

I found eyebrow studio in the media, but I already know its founder, joseline de Villeneuve. We have long-term cooperation. Jocelyne devilleeuf is a professional makeup artist who has grown up on TV. As a result, she completely mastered the shape of her face. Then I'm preparing for my M6 show "new face of new life". I absolutely need an eyebrow removal. I just contacted the workshop and we have maintained a good professional relationship since then.

Do you like the concept?

Jocelyne devilleeuf was a pioneer because no one thought of developing and professionalizing landscaping. You can have a beautiful haircut or make-up. If your eyebrows are not properly trimmed and depilated, it's useless! The shape of the eyebrows is very important because they are the frame of the eye. Inappropriate eyebrows can produce different expressions, even not elegant expressions. Thick eyebrows can make you look angry or angry. On the other hand, thin eyebrows make people look tired... And those who are too rough, they close their eyes. A beautiful eyebrow line beautifies the eyes and thus your face.
Eyebrow studio offers different functions, depending on your shape. It's not that you get used to acting, it's that acting gets used to you. The rendering is beautiful because it's natural. It was this skill that attracted me. Besides, it's hard for me to find experts.

Eyebrow studio is a good substitute for cosmetic surgery. The Institute offers eyebrow regrouping, eyelash lengthening and many other services that can save years and beautify the face. How did you like it?

Certainly. It can lift your face! The eyelids droop and the eyebrows are thick, which makes people dumbfounded. Your face feels it! The beautiful eyebrows opened their eyes. It's even better than cosmetic surgery!

What would you say to people who are not familiar with eyebrow studio?

We have to go! All people, I take them to eyebrow studio, will panic, unpredictable, ecstatic! I got all the praise (laughter)! on dit:Christina, you changed my life!"Yes." However, it's so obvious and intangible because it's natural! Eyebrow trimming, semi permanent makeup, eyebrow trimming or eyelash stretching can all win you a few years and make your expression more attractive. People don't realize the importance of eyebrows. The shape of eyebrows is more influential than makeup. When they find this concept, they can't live without it! So for those who don't know: go ahead, it's a miracle! Jos works wonders!

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