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Article: How to have star eyebrows?

How to have star eyebrows?

 Haute Couture Fashion Week, from January 24 to 27, 2022, is an opportunity to see many stars parade on the catwalks. Beyond their magnificent outfits, they stand out with absolutely perfect makeup and eyebrows . So, how to get star eyebrows? We give you our best advice!

The thick eyebrow trend

Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson… Many stars are famous for the line of their eyebrows. The current trend, adopted in recent years by certain models and other celebrities, is for thick, full eyebrows .

If, for a long time, the trend was towards thin eyebrows, today we are focusing on a strong look and thick, well-defined eyebrows . The trend for thick, bushy eyebrows is gradually giving way to geometric eyebrows, thick at their base and ending in a finer tip.


How to have thick, full eyebrows?

Like the greatest icons of fashion, cinema and music, do you want marked, thick and well-defined eyebrows? With the widespread wearing of masks, it is important to take care of your eyes and apply makeup well in order to highlight your eyes .

To accentuate your eyebrows and give them a thicker appearance, several techniques exist. From eyebrow makeup to brow-lift, you can easily beautify your eyes and be at the forefront of fashion! Here are some tips and steps to follow for star looks and eyebrows!


Define your eyebrow shape

Very trendy, thick eyebrows should not be bushy. We opt for well-defined eyebrows adapted to your face . A visit to the beautician is therefore essential to find the shape of eyebrows that best matches your face and will highlight your pretty eyes. If you are not used to waxing yourself, let a specialist do it instead... This will avoid asymmetrical or over-plucked eyebrows!

We therefore opt for thick eyebrows, up to the arch, then ending with a finer tip. They emphasize and intensify the look , giving character and asserting facial features.


Makeup your eyebrows

To assert and intensify your eyebrows, you can opt for makeup or eyebrow tint . If your eyebrows are sparse or sparse, a few simple tips allow you to “cheat” to give the impression of fuller eyebrows. To do this, use an eyebrow pencil or a microblading marker to redraw the hairs one by one and thus thicken your eyebrows .

Eyebrow fixing gel can also be a very good alternative to tame your eyebrows throughout the day and give them a nice shape. Combined with mascara and eyebrow pencil, it will allow you to enhance your eyebrows naturally!


The Brow-Up

The brow-up allows you to discipline, restructure the eyebrows in a lasting way and gain thickness while keeping the eyebrow natural. Usually carried out in an institute, this treatment consists of applying various products to the eyebrow hairs in order to relax them then style them and fix them according to a previously defined shape and inclination. They are disciplined and appear, naturally, thicker, for an absolutely incredible result!


Permanent makeup

The other solution to have star eyebrows is permanent makeup .

By inserting colored pigments into the dermis, the eyebrows are restructured. It thus becomes very easy to have a beautiful shape of eyebrows and to give more depth to your eyes.

Permanent makeup allows you to reshape your eyebrows but also to thicken them. It's a perfect solution for filling in thin or sparse eyebrows. Two techniques are mainly used: microblading and microshading.

Microblading involves drawing the eyebrow hair by hair. Longer and more delicate, this technique offers a natural finish and can complement sparse eyebrows.

Microshading , on the other hand, consists of working on shading for a natural, faded result , which provides thickness to the eyebrow.


Star eyebrows: take care of them properly

Once your eyebrow line is well defined, and your eyebrows are beautifully plucked, you of course need to maintain and pamper them. To keep your eyebrows worthy of the biggest Hollywood stars, you must first pluck them regularly. There's no way a few regrown hairs will spoil such a pretty look, right? So we take a few minutes, regularly, to remove the little hairs that appear.

But that's not all ! You can also take care of your eyebrows with our revitabrow eyebrow conditioning treatment. Thanks to exclusive and scientifically advanced technology, it fights against hair breakage and gives your eyebrows flexibility and shine , for a sublimated look.

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