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Article: How often should you pluck your eyebrows?

How often should you pluck your eyebrows?

Today, taking care of your eyebrows has become just as common as taking care of your hair. However, if we generally know when the time is right to go to the hairdresser, it is a little more vague when it comes to plucking our eyebrows.

We know that having a beautiful eyebrow shape , well plucked and adapted to your face, allows you to highlight your eyes . This balances the features and opens the eyes. Ladies, if it's unthinkable for you to go out without lipstick or mascara, going out without having perfectly plucked eyebrows should also be unthinkable. Yes, today, eyebrows are perfectly integrated into our beauty routine. We wax them, we do their hair, we make them up,… in short, we make them look great!

Among men too, it is becoming more and more common. And for good reason, getting rid of a few unsightly hairs helps refine your features and will give you a more polished appearance. If, obviously, unlike these ladies, it is not useful to maintain them as often, nor to apply makeup, you can work on a pretty eyebrow shape, in harmony with your features, and regularly remove excess hair .

Maintain your eyebrows?

Making an appointment with a beautician to find the shape of eyebrows suited to your face is obviously not enough. Eyebrows are made up of hundreds of hairs which, like hair, grow at a certain rhythm. Freshly plucked, your eyebrows will be perfect but, as the days go by, you will notice the appearance of new small hairs, and the growth of hairs already present. Result ? Eyebrows that become bushy and messy again!

Yes, but isn't the trend for thick, bushy eyebrows , exactly? Yes, but under certain conditions! To be at the forefront of fashion, we opt for thick and well-defined eyebrows. Properly plucked, the hairs are easy to discipline and style for a well-defined but perfectly controlled eyebrow line.

Therefore, it is important to properly maintain your eyebrows and to carry out eyebrow waxing regularly in order to maintain a perfect eyebrow arch. Too much neglect, for example with several months or years without hair removal, will force you to start everything from scratch. The hairs having grown back, your eyebrow line will no longer be correctly defined and it will have to be reshaped.

When should you pluck your eyebrows?

As each person is different, there are no rules or generalities to apply when it comes to eyebrow hair removal and regrowth. For some, the first hairs to grow back will appear after around ten days, while others will be quiet for 1 month. Generally, it is best to wax every 4 to 5 weeks to maintain your eyebrows and remove excess hair.

However, it is recommended not to touch your eyebrows between two waxes . Well, if there really is a large hair sticking out and marring your makeup, you can remove it. Our illuminated tweezers are ideal because they allow you to see clearly and avoid removing any other hairs. Because yes, it is important not to touch your eyebrow line between two waxes, at the risk of removing excess hair, which will create an imbalance between your two eyebrows. If you have any doubts, it is better not to touch the hair and let a professional take care of it!

Hair that grows back between two waxes, what to do?

Between two hair removals, it is entirely possible and normal for a few small hairs to appear. If, for aesthetic reasons, you wish to remove them, touch-ups are possible with tweezers. On the other hand, if you notice that your hairs are not growing back at the same rate and have different lengths, it is better to leave the tweezers aside. In fact, eyebrow hair has a life cycle of approximately 4 months, including 3 months of growth. It can happen, if they are not shaved at the same time, that the hairs grow staggered and therefore display different lengths.

Two solutions are then available to you:

  • let the hairs grow back and reach the same length to restart their cycle simultaneously.
  • use a small scissor to cut the lengths of hair that are too long, without touching the root. This allows you a more harmonious look, while letting your hair find the same cycle.

Obviously, you can seek advice from a professional and see, with her, at what pace to pluck your eyebrows. Certain times of the year, such as summer, encourage hair growth. So, hair removal may need to be spaced closer together this season. Likewise, the more you pluck your eyebrows, the slower your hairs grow back... and the longer you will be able to space out the plucks!

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