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Article: How to take care of your eyebrows at home?

How to take care of your eyebrows at home?

Can you really take care of your eyebrows at home? And how do you avoid making mistakes?

Maintaining your eyebrows at home is no easy task. One crooked gesture and disaster quickly arrived. It is generally better to go to an institute to let a professional take care of it. Nonetheless, there may be times when for one reason or another we cannot make it to a beauty salon as our eyebrows start to get more and more messy. Can we really take care of it at home? The Eyebrow Workshop shows you how to maintain a beautiful line between two appointments in a salon.

Do not wax

The very first piece of advice is simply to do nothing and not give in to the temptation to wax. It is sometimes hard to resist the urge to use your tweezers to remove a few tiny hairs that will start to grow back. This first tip may then seem strange but it is nevertheless beneficial. When a professional restructures and cleans the eyebrows, he or she takes into account the shape of the client's face in order to choose the ideal shape of the eyebrows. However, this can be changed with too frequent or too intense hair removal. Thus, your features will no longer be emphasized as much.

Depending on the speed of hair growth, it is recommended to clean them every two to four weeks. With too frequent epilation, the hair may grow back badly. Likewise, inadvertently plucked down can lead to even more regrowth.

Before returning to a professional, it is therefore best to let your eyebrows breathe. To correct them, makeup can do wonders. You just need to redraw your bow to rebalance it using a powder or a pencil like our Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil. The small remaining regrowth is then erased by patting with a little concealer.

Use only the tweezers

If cleaning is required, it is important to use only the tweezers. Waxing is much less precise. If not successful, it can round the line or worse, irritate or burn the skin. We then equip ourselves with the right tools such as our Stylbrow + tweezers. It first allows you to brush the eyebrow before removing unwanted hair around the natural line. It is essential to take your time to avoid clumsiness. In addition, it is advisable not to epilate above your eyebrow line so as not to modify its shape. We just clean the eyebrow without venturing into its restructuring, which we instead entrust to a professional. You can then wax the small regrowth by pulling gently, always in the direction of the hair. We finish by applying a little cream or soothing lotion to the shaved skin.

Cut long hairs with scissors

To maintain beautiful eyebrows, cutting the hairs that are too long can make all the difference. For this, it is wise to equip yourself with scissors specially designed for eyebrow hair, such as our professional eyebrow scissors ergonomic design for a better grip. We start by brushing the eyebrows slightly upwards with a brush to determine the hairs to trim. We then cut those that protrude, one by one. We avoid doing it in a straight line! We cut at an angle to keep a more natural look.

Nourish her eyebrows

To display beautiful eyebrows, it is important to pamper them. Before thinking about waxing or cutting, care is taken for sure, making sure to nourish and moisturize them to ensure healthy regrowth. It is necessary to allow time for hairs to grow back to overcome sparse or irregular eyebrows. Wearing a nice line provided usually requires patience and maintenance. To do this, we start with a complete and smooth make-up remover. The focus is then on specialized care such as our Revitabow Advanced revitalizing care. Its unique formula was developed by a doctor to treat the visible signs of aging of the eyebrows damaged by hair removal but also environmental aggressions and certain cosmetic products. This type of care usually increases blood flow to the hair follicle and then helps the eyebrows to grow. The hairs will be stronger, softer and shiny. They will be ready for a restructuring, carried out in institute for an absolutely perfect line of eyebrows.

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