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Article: These tips for eyelash and brow growth that are just myths

These tips for eyelash and brow growth that are just myths

From vegetable oils to the use of scissors, there are many tips to speed up eyelash and brow growth. Yet many of them are mere myths!

All women dream of having longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes as well as full eyebrows for a stunning look. Many are looking for natural or low-cost methods to speed up the growth of their eyelashes and eyebrows. Between grandmother's secrets and beauty tips as surprising as they are inventive, there is no shortage of remedies. But do these different techniques really ensure a captivating look? L'Atelier du Sourcil looks at the most popular myths about eyelash and eyebrow growth.

Vaseline makes eyelashes and eyebrows grow

One of the most popular beliefs is that coating your eyelashes and eyebrows with petroleum jelly will radically activate their growth. Some even assure via social networks that the results appeared in just one night. Is petroleum jelly THE miracle product for doe eyes? Unfortunately, the answer is no!

Petroleum jelly is not a magic potion to speed up the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. However, it can be beneficial to them. It allows skin cells to retain their hydration, so it is a good remedy for dry skin or prone to eczema. 

Vaseline reduces the dryness of the hairs, it then allows to display lashes and eyebrows much more beautiful, as invigorated. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the hypothesis that petroleum jelly affects their growth. Presenting very large molecules, it does not penetrate the skin or the hair follicle. It therefore has no influence on hair growth. However, it makes the eyebrows and eyelashes greasy and shiny, which reflects the light. Thus, one can have the impression that they are thicker or even longer.

Vaseline can, however, be used in place of mascara for a more natural look. Be careful though, it can cause irritation if it gets into the eyes.

Certain vegetable oils improve the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

Vegetable and natural oils are more and more popular because they have many benefits. When it comes to the growth of eyelashes, eyebrows and even hair, castor oil is often cited as the miracle product for stimulating hair growth. However, again, there is no scientific data to prove that there is indeed a link between castor oil and the growth of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.

Olive oil but especially coconut oil are also often recommended to stimulate hair growth.

Coconut oil deeply hydrates, it is an excellent eye makeup remover. Studies show that it helps reduce protein loss from the hair and that its fatty acids protect the hair from breakage. This could then apply to the eyelashes and eyebrows. Regardless, there is no evidence that it promotes their growth.

Like petroleum jelly, vegetable oils are shiny and reflect light. By brushing the eyelashes and eyebrows with a little oil, they will appear thicker and longer, but this is just an optical illusion.

It is important to brush your eyelashes frequently

Brushing the eyelashes is said to be a surefire technique to stimulate their growth. Parting and then placing the hairs upwards would help make them thicker and longer for a long time. Yet this is completely wrong! By brushing the eyelashes too frequently, they risk falling out more quickly. It is therefore advisable to treat them gently.

You have to cut your eyelashes so that they grow back faster

Many believe that for faster hair regrowth, it is enough to cut it regularly. This method is also suggested for eyelashes, but that's a myth!

All hairs follow a natural growth cycle that takes place in four parts. First, a hair grows actively during the anagen phase. When it reaches its maximum length, it then begins a resting phase called the catagen phase. The hair remains attached to the hair follicle but does not grow. A short phase of tissue degeneration then occurs, just before hair loss, called the telogen phase. Finally, the neogenic phase signals a new regrowth to start the cycle again. It is the skin that plays an important role in this process because it houses the hair follicle. This is why it needs to be well hydrated and in good health. However, we note that the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows often depends on genetics.

To maintain your eyelashes, Atelier du Sourcil recommends its Rigicel eyelash serum that nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes them.

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