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Article: 5 good resolutions to keep taking care of your eyes

5 good resolutions to keep taking care of your eyes

Here we are, freshly in 2022. And who says new year and January says… good resolutions ! Yes, it is customary, every new year, to define a few good resolutions that we try to keep… or not!

What if, for 2022, these good resolutions concerned the beauty of your eyes ?

1- This year, I don't forget to remove my makeup!

Who has never “forgotten” to remove makeup after a long and tedious day at work? There's no point denying it... We've all done it before!

However, regardless of the area covered in makeup and the amount of makeup used, it is important to remove makeup properly every day , even if, at the end of the day, your eyebrow makeup seems faded, or even completely gone!

Our skin needs to breathe and be rid of impurities accumulated throughout the day. Makeup, even when used in very small doses, clogs the pores of the skin. Certain fatty and/or irritating substances can create slight inflammation and ultimately cause some redness or a feeling of dry skin. So, to take care of your skin, remember to remove your makeup every evening before going to sleep. In fact, it is during the night that our skin works and the cells regenerate . If various makeup substances and products interfere with this process, your skin could become dull and wrinkled more easily in the long term .

2- This year, I pluck my eyebrows regularly.

Lack of time, laziness, procrastination... And now our eyebrows, so well defined, haven't been plucked for over a month! A few regrowth hairs are starting to appear and are tarnishing our beautiful eyebrow line.

This year, we're breaking this bad habit and deciding to pluck our eyebrows regularly . In institutes or at home, we don't wait until it's too late and our eyebrows no longer look like anything to act. With a regular rhythm , hair regrowth will be slower and easier to control . Yes, maintaining your eyebrows on a daily basis will take you much less time than having to carry out a complete waxing to have to draw your eyebrows again.

3 – This year, I’m taking care of my skin!

Having pretty eyes doesn't just happen with makeup!

Makeup highlights your eyes, but it is just as important to take care of your eyes and especially your skin . Around the eyes, the skin is particularly thin . We therefore apply moisturizing creams and treatments to blur fine lines.

Contrary to some popular belief, you do not necessarily have to wait until you are 50 to use anti-aging care or other skin creams. From the age of 25 , the skin can begin to become thinner and more marked . By hydrating it and applying appropriate care, it will maintain all its splendor, tone and firmness. To avoid the impression of tired and dark circles , moisturize the eye area and massage it to stimulate microcirculation. Your eyes will regain all their radiance and your skin will thank you!

4 - This year, I'm doing makeup and highlighting my eyes

Due to the global pandemic, our way of applying makeup has changed since 2020. With a mask worn all day long, it's difficult to highlight your mouth. So, in 2022, we put on makeup and assert our eyes . The only part of the face that is truly visible when we wear a mask, we can easily treat ourselves and opt for beautiful makeup adapted to the color of our eyes and our style.

So remember to take care of your eyebrows: having a beautiful eyebrow shape and maintaining it will intensify and emphasize your look . You can then highlight your eyes with mascara, pencil, eyeliner and eye shadow... Don't hesitate to play with colors and contrasts to bring out your pretty eyes and make you absolutely irresistible!

5- This year, I adopt a healthy lifestyle

Taking care of your eyes and your skin also involves a healthy lifestyle .

Indeed, bad eating habits or too short nights will make you look tired, a duller complexion, less luminous skin and more easily subject to spots and other impurities that we are precisely trying to eliminate.

For perfect skin, a luminous and radiant complexion , we make sure to eat a balanced diet , favoring certain foods that are good for the skin, get enough sleep and maintain our physical fitness by regularly practicing a sporting activity . This is, of course, good for your body and overall health, but it will also show on your face. Perfect, right?

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