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Article: Failed eyebrow SOS: how to make up for the damage?

Failed eyebrow SOS: how to make up for the damage?

Whether with tweezers or wax , who has never had a heavy hand and removed more hair than necessary? When you find yourself with half an eyebrow or a few holes in your perfect eyebrow line, it's a tragedy! How to make up for it? Here are some tips that will allow you to hide the damage and regain beautiful eyes.

Eyebrow waxing, especially when done at home, is not always as simple as you would like to believe. Often the first few times can be more complicated and you may make a few small mistakes . Holes in the hairs, asymmetrical eyebrows, odd shape, over-plucked or too spaced eyebrows ... When you are a novice, or a little clumsy, failed hair removal can happen. And, let's be honest, eyebrows are an important and visible part of our face... so a botched waxing can leave us feeling a little embarrassed. What to do ? Here's how to repair the damage .

1st step: de-dra-ma-ti-ser!

Yes, poorly plucked eyebrows, or even completely messed up, aren't super pretty and that's clearly not what we want. However, we must put things into perspective: eyebrow hairs grow back !

So no, you are not going to spend your life with a holey eyebrow! You'll just have to be a little patient while the hairs grow back...

In the meantime, rest assured, there are several ways and tips to cover up this failure. And above all, keep in mind that most people are so focused on their own flaws and imperfections, that your over-plucked eyebrows will probably go unnoticed !


Asymmetrical eyebrows: how to correct the blow?

Once you have finished waxing, do you realize that your left eyebrow is horribly thinner or shorter than your right? Don't panic, it's very easy to harmonize your eyebrows.

You must already define the style you prefer: do you want to keep the thinnest eyebrow, or the thickest?

If you prefer the thinnest, then all you need to do is equip yourself with a magnifying mirror and illuminated tweezers , which make hair removal easier, and concentrate on the thicker eyebrow. Carefully remove excess hair to even out your eyebrows. Take a break regularly to compare your two eyebrows. Be careful, however, not to remove too much hair and end up with eyebrows that are too short or too thin!

Do you prefer a thicker eyebrow? In this case, we will instead redraw and fill in the thin eyebrow . For this, you can use eyebrow powder. Easy to apply, it will fill in the gaps and (re)fill your eyebrows. For a natural effect, you can also use an eyebrow pencil , which will allow you to redraw the hairs and the line of your eyebrows. Available in different shades, it matches the color of your eyebrows, for a 100% natural look !


How to fix gaping eyebrows?

Without realizing it, have you plucked your eyebrows a little too much , removing hairs right in the middle, creating holes and disparities ? Impossible to wait several weeks for the hair to grow back! To find perfect eyebrows, take a pencil in the color of your eyebrows and redraw the hairs . Be sure to use a fine lead and draw light lines going from bottom to top, in the direction of your hairs. We think carefully about spacing them out in order to maintain a natural effect.

Eyebrows that are too plucked or too spaced: what to do?

If your eyebrows are too spaced or too plucked, the only solution is to reshape your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil and mascara . Specially designed to imitate your hair, they allow you to naturally repair damage. We first draw the line of the eyebrows then we add light lines to give the illusion that your eyebrows are thicker or longer .


No more eyebrows: what to do?

So, your waxing went really bad and you no longer have a single hair above your eyes? Above all, we absolutely avoid drawing two big lines as replacements!

If you are comfortable with makeup, you can try to completely reshape your eyebrows , obviously focusing on the subtlety and finesse of the lines for a natural effect.

Otherwise, microblading can help you regain beautiful eyebrows. This permanent eyebrow makeup technique consists of drawing the hairs one by one, by implanting pigments into the skin. It is an excellent alternative for filling gaps, fixing sparse eyebrows or reshaping completely plucked eyebrows . Thanks to a natural result, it is the perfect method to make up for missed hair removal while giving you perfect eyebrows!

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