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Public health



L'Atelier du Sourcil is affiliated with the National Artisanal Confederation of Beauty Institutes (CNAIB).


Each Workshop includes:

  • a reception room, where we receive you by appointment, to inform you, inform and advise you on all the new techniques and practices of semi-permanent make-up.
  • a work room equipped and regulated in accordance with current hygiene and sanitation standards where semi-permanent make-up is practiced.

All needles, ink caps and gloves are for single use. The clamps and nozzles follow a disinfection protocol.

Between each client, the sofa, the worktable and the worktop are cleaned with products from hospital environments. The products used every day for cleaning floors are very powerful.

All the instruments necessary for your procedure will be unpacked in front of you and the needles destroyed in your presence.
A specialized company collects our medical waste and incinerates it.

The traceability of this waste (DASRI) can be consulted at any time in our books.


Approved by the American FDA and European standards in force.

Our pigments are "medical grade" approved by the American FDA and meet current European standards. They have been used for many years in the medical field.

It is a suspension of colored pigments dispersed homogeneously in a liquid phase intended to break into the epidermis.

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