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Article: Semi-permanent makeup: 5 reasons to take the plunge

Semi-permanent makeup: 5 reasons to take the plunge

Gaining more and more followers, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is a real solution to naturally reshaping the shape of your eyebrows. To correct a defect, camouflage a scar or even restructure the face… discover 5 good reasons to get started.

When the search for the perfect eyebrow goes through semi-permanent makeup

Although your eyebrows do not have any noticeable blemishes, you want to beautify them because you are aware of their importance for the harmony of the face. The opportunity for you to use semi-permanent eyebrow makeup and refine their shape. Accentuate their design, make them more rounded or, on the contrary, more angular in order to structure your face more, give them a thicker appearance or correct a slight imbalance… Everything is good to obtain a perfect eyebrow! Another positive point: you will no longer need makeup touch-ups every morning ... convincing, right?

Camouflage a fault

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have beautiful, naturally shaped, full eyebrows. Some unfortunately have to deal with sparse eyebrows, marked by a scar, alopecia areata or even asymmetrical. An aesthetic concern that semi-permanent make-up can regulate for a shorter or longer period. Thicker, more elongated or more dense, sophisticated ... the choice is limitless, you just have to adapt the shape from your eyebrows to your face.

For a more expressive look

Over time, it is not uncommon for the eyebrow line to become thinner. Packed, sometimes falling, your gaze is then less expressive. A small problem that can easily be corrected by using semi-permanent makeup to restore intensity to your eyes! Thus redesigned, the eyebrows will tend to lift your eyes and open them more. Your face will be restructured and your eyelids will appear less heavy, ideal for giving you a little freshness.

Catch up on past mistakes

Who among you has ever been carried away by the madness of extreme hair removal? Some of you will recognize yourself, you weren't always gentle with your eyebrows! When an eyebrow is too thin or too rounded, it often gives a face that is not expressive. Rather than waiting for the next regrowth, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup allows you to redraw and densify their natural line. When you use natural pigments to redefine your brow bone, the results are instantly visible. We can never tell you enough: semi-permanent makeup works wonders!

Gain Confidence

It is well known that self-confidence comes - in large part, from our self-esteem. So take the time to take care of yourself, polish the details and you will feel irresistible! What could be better than beautiful, well-drawn and symmetrical eyebrows to perfect a well-groomed make-up? Add to that an outfit in which you feel good and you are full of confidence! Far from being a trivial act, semi-permanent make-up contributes to your general well-being.

Two possible semi-permanent makeup techniques

If the technique known asmicroshading by creating shading in order to fill in the holes is the best known, know that there is also semi-permanent makeup microshading, this option allows you to reproduce a look of hair.

Ask for advice on the most suitable technique for you!

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