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Article: The new ally of your eyebrows: StYLBOW's tweezers with pin by the Eyebrow Workshop

The new ally of your eyebrows: StYLBOW's tweezers with pin by the Eyebrow Workshop

The latest addition to the Eyebrow Workshop, the tweezer with pin Stylbow! Designed by Joss Devilleneuve, the founder of the brand, this unique new tool will be the companion of your beauty. Innovative design, elegant shape, this tweezers will bring you a professional result in a few gestures. We let Joss introduce you to this product that will probably become a must have!

In a few words, introduce us to this new tweezers:

JOSS: This clamp is in three part, a bevelled bit that removes the hair without breaking it, a pin that brushes and a clasp to protect it in the makeup kit, the brush is also useful for the lashes for example!

What are these peculiarities?

JOSS: Its special feature is to have a pin, very convenient to brush your eyebrows at the time of hair removal.

What kind of eyebrows?

JOSS: This clip is used on all types of hair as long as you know how to wax.

Why did you want to create this tool?

JOSS: By systematically waxing and collecting a pin to brush, I wanted to create an accessory that many women probably lack.

If a good tool is essential, you have the know-how to redesign and catch damaged eyebrows. What's your secret?

JOSS: It's my secret, the secret is experience, a secret is sacred !!!

With such a pair of pliers, what's the point of coming every month to the Eyebrow Workshop?

JOSS: To maintain or recover a nice shape, the clamp at home must have an occasional cleaning role. To have a very nice shape, it is better to come every month or every 2/3 months so as not to lose its line, or not to damage it, a broken hair grows back very quickly, something to avoid!

With this new tong, what do you want to bring to users?

JOSS: I want to bring creativity, it's a little trivialized accessory, never very pretty even! This tweezer is very feminine, the cabinet is very elegant and it is practical to use. She even waxes the hairs under the skin, just turn the bit to catch them and she does not scratch!

One last piece of advice for having nice eyebrows?

JOSS: Never try to have them the same, respect for imperfection can give nice eyebrows, the reverse can distort them. So no hard work on your eyebrows!

Tips for use:

Brush the eyebrows from the head with the pin
Peel and restructure the line by slightly pulling the skin outwards
Remove unsightly hairs around the natural line
Respect the direction of regrowth to pull the hair during hair removal


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