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Article: How to make up when it's very hot?

How to make up when it's very hot?

The first heat starts to appear and can have unpredictable consequences on your make-up. Fortunately, simple gestures to perform can allow you to keep a fresh and luminous makeup in all circumstances! 

The first summer temperatures are pointing the tip of their nose and you don't know how to adopt an effective beauty routine ? Do not panic ! Many tips can help you keep your makeup flawless , even when you have to face high heat. 

Opt for a light complexion  

When it's hot, there's no need to put too much material on your skin . This will accentuate the shiny effect and will only clog your epidermis even more. When the first heats appear, it is better to opt for a light and fresh complexion . A BB cream tinted with the color of your complexion may be enough to create the base of your complexion. Having beautiful eyebrows also allows you to enhance your look. Thus, we think of redoing our eyebrows in an institute as the sunny days approach! 

Adopt waterproof makeup  

For your eyeliner or eyeshadow, opt first for waterproof makeup , which resists water and therefore the effects of moist and damp skin due to high heat. Avoid overloading your eyes with makeup . A line of eyeliner with a luminous base on the upper lid, finished with a mascara finish or eyebrow makeup for your lashes can be more than enough for summer makeup . It intensifies your look giving you a fresh and modern look. 

Favor warm colors and don't forget to accentuate the outer corner of your eye with a highlighter to enlarge your look. 

Paper towels and fixing spray  

Matifying or absorbent papers can allow you to remove the excess sebum or water produced by your skin when it is hot. If you feel like you're too hot and your skin is starting to get wet, pat your face lightly with this type of absorbent sheet to readjust your makeup . They are often lightly powdered and thus allow you to correct your make-up discreetly . 

Finally, for a more effective solution, you can opt for a setting spray . You can use it before applying your makeup and after finishing your makeup. Of course, the procedure depends on the product used. But, in most cases, a setting spray will set your makeup and make it less sensitive to the effects of heat . 

Apply moisturizers regularly  

Our skin needs to be hydrated daily . This is all the more true when it starts to get hot. Use every day, before applying your foundation or your primer, a moisturizer adapted to your epidermis (oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, etc.). You can also plan, once a week, to make nourishing masks. This will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and unsightly pimples. 

Another important point not to be overlooked is the hygiene of the skin of your face, which must be impeccable. Indeed, when it starts to get hot, the pores of our skin are put to the test. Between the residues of cosmetics and makeup that we apply daily and the impurities that settle on our skin during the day, it is essential to plan a moment to remove makeup and cleanse your skin well, in order to ventilate the pores. 

Use products containing sunscreen  

The first heats generally arrive with increasing UV indices which can begin to be dangerous for your skin. Remember to use sun protection adapted to the sensitivity of your skin and the climate of your region. SPF ratings usually vary between 20 and 50. Currently, many products even offer a double action , such as moisturizers that are both tinted and also have sun protection . Note that there is also a similar variant for lipsticks which, in addition to coloring your lips, are composed of active agents that protect the skin of your lips against the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Plan to do some make-up touch-ups  

When it's hot, it's best to bring a small make-up bag with you , where you can put the essentials to make some make-up touch-ups if necessary. Preferably place a lipstick, an eyeliner, a tinted BB cream, easy-to-use absorbent papers, and finally make-up remover wipes to compensate for all situations. 


permanent makeup  

The other option, for a perfect make-up even in summer , is to opt for permanent make-up . Thanks to its long hold and its resistance, it allows you to remain sublime even in hot weather and without effort ! 

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