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Article: How to maintain your eyebrows?

How to maintain your eyebrows?

While the perfect eyebrow craze is relatively new, it hasn't always been. They mark the look, structure the face and transform the look. Pioneer in the field, Joss Devilleneuve shares his know-how to maintain his eyebrows on a daily basis.

Identify the brow shape that suits you

Beautiful eyebrows are the guarantee of a beautiful look. The hunt for perfect traits is a constant battle. The goal? Reveal their natural shape and beautify them without the result appearing too sophisticated. To take care of your eyebrows on a daily basis, you must first identify the shape that best matches your body type. To find the ideal shape, do not hesitate to come and meet our technicians who will take into account all the characteristics of your face. Eyebrow waxing is an art that cannot be improvised!

The board : Before restructuring the eyebrows in a salon, do not hesitate to let the hair system grow back for at least 3 weeks. However, people with very little hair, or who does not grow back, do not have to wait this time.

Respect eyebrow regrowth

When the shape is well defined, all you have to do is maintain your eyebrows regularly, about once a month.
Indeed, whether your hairiness is more or less important, it is necessary to space your sessions from 3 to 6 weeks. No need to bend over it every 3-4 days, especially since repeated hair removal attacks the hair system and causes unsightly regrowth.

The board : If a few hairs surface and give your eyebrows a sloppy look, they are broken by improper waxing. In this case, avoid touching it and go to a specialized store.

For the more manual, removing some regrowth is possible: then clean the eyelid, and avoid touching the eyebrow line.

Semi-permanent makeup to facilitate eyebrow maintenance

To avoid the little daily hassles, semi-permanent make-up is proving to be an effective solution for sporting a magnified brow bone. The method involves implanting colored pigments in the surface layers of the skin.
This semi-permanent makeup allows you to redraw, fill in gaps and densify the eyebrows while providing a natural look. This makes maintaining the arch easier, all you have to do is remove the little hairs that protrude!

There are 3 semi-permanent makeup techniques:
The Microshading provides you with a shading effect to fill the holes in your eyebrow.
The Microblading, reproduce the effect of a hair and reshape your eyebrow in a natural way.
The Mixed eyebrow will be a mixture of these 2 services.

"A beautiful eyebrow is an eyebrow that harmonizes with the face" Joss says.

Nourish your eyebrows

To maintain your eyebrows on a daily basis, it is recommended to strengthen them. By stimulating their regrowth with tailor-made products, your arch naturally densifies. Result? Fuller eyebrows: it is recommended to apply these products daily, such as Revitabrow, in cure.

Highlight your eyebrows daily

Fill, brush, draw, fix ... So many small gestures to adopt every day just like applying your mascara. To highlight her eyebrows and at the same time intensify her gaze, arm yourself with the right makeup tools. Eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, colored gel fixative and even the illuminating pencil, have fun as if it were a fashion accessory in its own right!

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