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Article: How to choose and use your eyebrow pencil ?

How to choose and use your eyebrow pencil ?

Gone are too thin, sparse, bushy, comma, unsightly eyebrows that do not emphasize your look.

Today the thick and full eyebrows are of vigor ! Eyebrow makeup is nothing complicated. Just have thegood tools and thegood technique. L'Atelier du Brows explains how to choose and use an eyebrow pencil to deepen your look and highlight it.

Sculpt your eyebrows to enhance them

Before you think about how to make up your eyebrows in pencil, hair removal remains paramount. It is important to find the right eyebrow line according to the shape and morphology of your face, to make your look harmonious. Here's how to proceed :

First, use an eyebrow brush, and brush the bristles in the direction of height. Then cut with a small chisel, all the hairs that protrude.

Then define the inner end of your eyebrow. Imagine a vertical line that connects the base of your nostril to the inner corner of your eye, draw a line at the level of the eyebrows. Everything that sticks out of your line must be waxed. Do the same for the other eyebrow.

Then define the outer end of your eyebrow. Imagine a vertical line that connects the commissure of the lips to the outer corner of the eye. Draw a line at the level of the eyebrow, again everything that protrudes from your line should be waxed. Repeat this step for the other eyebrow.

How to choose the right eyebrow pencil ?

1. Choose the right eyebrow pencil color

Just like the eye pencil and foundation, it is not easy to choose the right color of an eyebrow pencil. The secret of a successful eyebrow with the help of a pencil is to find the right consistency with the color of your hair.

Are you brown or brunette ?

You will have the choice between eyebrow pencils of the shade of your hair or slightly darker. They will be perfect to enlarge and awaken your gaze. Especially do not apply too light color that will tend to give you a bland look and tarnish your eye makeup.

Are you blonde ?

It is advisable to darken your eyebrows a little to give them density and thickness. Choose a dark blonde or even a light chestnut, to keep a natural look. For platinum blondes, choose an eyebrow pencil of taupe or buff color.

Are you redhead ?

It is not necessary to tune the color of your eyebrows to your hair. Preferably choose a taupe, ashy or almond shade, which perfectly go to light skin.

2. Choose the right eyebrow pencil

The Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil from Atelier du brow

The Sublimabrow Eyebrow Pencil is the perfect product to have beautiful eyebrows intensified and well drawn all day. It is a must-have that you can easily put in your makeup bag. The advantage of this pencil is that it consists of 2 tips. On one side, the ultra fine pencil to redraw your eyebrows. On the other side, brush which allows to fade the color for a natural and almost invisible rendering.

The Sublimabrow Eyebrow Pencil adapts to all skin types and hair colors because it comes in 4 different shades :

Sand Tint : suitable for fair skin and also for those with blond hair ;

Taupe Hue : the ideal shade for those with light to dark chestnut hair.

Ebony Tint : perfectly adapts to dark and mixed skin.

Almond Tint : perfect for golden and red skin but also for those with blond hair.

How to apply eyebrow pencil ?

It is not enough to have chosen the right eyebrow pencil and the ideal shade to achieve a dazzling result. Still need to know how to make up his eyebrows.

To draw your eyebrows, hold your eyebrow pencil upright and position it along your nose, nostril side. Start tracing your eyebrows at this point, in the direction of the curve, and follow your line to the other end. Once the curve is drawn, unify it all with a beveled brush for a more natural result than ever before ! The advantage of the eyebrow pencil is that it allows ultra-precise tracing, and it is also ideal for camouflaging holes. For a more sophisticated result, feel free to iron the pencil a second time. Here you are adorned with your most beautiful look !

Our advice :

  • Do not draw too coarse a line, prefer a light and harmonious application ;
  • For eyebrows that are too short, lengthen your curve at the ends ;

For sparse brows, draw small, light strokes on your brows by holding your pencil horizontally.

What is the alternative of the eyebrow pencil ?

Browshape colored gel from the Eyebrow Workshop
The gel serves to discipline the eyebrows. It is the perfect product for those who have bushy eyebrows or difficult to comb. This gel allows styling, fixing and coloring eyebrows. This mascara brush will allow you to have thicker eyebrows naturally.

Browshape colored gel from l'Atelier du Eyebrow adapts to all skin types and hair colors, it exists in two different shades :

Smoked Brown: perfectly suitable for those who have brown to dark brown hair.

Chamois: this shade is ideal for those who have blond to light chestnut hair.

How to further sublimate his gaze ?

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

For those in a hurry who do not have time to make up their eyebrows in pencil every morning, there are other methods to have eyebrows made up permanently, as soon as you wake up.

  • Microshading

Microshading creates shading in the eyebrow. It is perfect to fill the gaps in a natural way.

  • Microblading

Microblading is another method of semi-permanent makeup that allows you to create a hair effect in the eyebrow.
This is a real calligraphy exercise, the effect of which is bluffing natural.

Apply mascara and eyeliner

Finally, emphasize the intensity of your gaze by adding a touch of mascara on your eyelashes. You can also apply a eyeliner stroke intense black at the level of the eyelashes to perfect your make-up.

You now have all the keys in hand to have perfect and harmonious eyebrows according to the shape of your face ! And you, have you ever used an eyebrow pencil ? How do you maintain your eyebrows ? Do you prefer natural or sophisticated?

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