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5 tips before a date

  1. Avoid daily hair removal which breaks the hair and leaves unsightly regrowth,
  2. Avoid hot waxing,
  3. Avoid waxing your eyebrow at least 15 days before the appointment,
  4. After hair removal with thread, wait 3 weeks,
  5. If you have little or no eyebrows, your appointment may be scheduled earlier.

Joss' tip: how to redraw your eyebrows in pencil?

  1. Mark the 3 points in pencil to facilitate the drawing,
  2. Fill in with a well-cut pencil, only by small touches the entire eyebrow starting with the head of the eyebrow to the tip,
  3. Using a brush, blend the texture of the pencil over the entire eyebrow,
  4. Avoid eyebrows that are too dark, preferably no more than one shade above, except for very dark ones,
  5. For those who want beautiful eyebrows, applying a fixer provides the final touch!