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Article: Perfect eyebrow hair removal for a beautiful start to the school year!

Perfect eyebrow hair removal for a beautiful start to the school year!

You come home from the sun, here are some precious tips for your eyebrows! 

Your eyebrow line has thickened, do you know the reason? 

Joss, founder of Atelier du Sourcil, gives us a little lesson: the sun's rays accelerate the regrowth of our eyebrows but also of our entire hair system. So be careful, we are redoubling our vigilance against bad gestures that could destroy your line. One watchword for Joss: keep the true hair removal technique at tweezers. In this area only, it is best to avoid wax and laser.

Well done if during the summer you didn't use your tweezers, you did well! This is the right time to make a first restructuring appointment or even an interview to preserve and beautify your eyebrow shape.

As for those who could not resist plucking their eyebrows, nothing serious, it takes two to three weeks to pass into the hands of our professional eyes. 

Note that the online schedule allows you to book an appointment at any time in the Workshop of your choice with the makeup artist you want. Nothing could be simpler, go to our site: / section " Make an appointment ". Then enter your postal code and the Workshops closest to you will appear. Click on the selected Workshop page, choose your service as well as your makeup artist and plan your session. In a few clicks, you have your appointment!

A little more advice:

This summer, your eyebrows may have brightened. We have the solution: dyeing, an ideal service for the start of the school year that adapts to light eyebrows and those blonded by the sun, but also to slightly bleached eyebrows. Find a nice shape by adding this discreet coloring. Eyebrow tinting will allow you to intensify your line that has become too light. Go and test it, this session will only meet your beauty expectations for the start of the school year!

Finally, For those who want to take the plunge into semi-permanent makeup * and put an end to thin or sparse eyebrows, several techniques are available to you: Microblading where the Microshading. These two manual methods of semi-permanent makeup meet your demand whether you want a natural or sophisticated look. All over France, Atelier du Sourcil answers all your questions to satisfy your dream of a perfect eyebrow !!! 

We share in this article one final tip from Joss for beautiful, everyday eyebrows: “Brush your eyebrows with a brush to the side and fill them in with a pencil if they are sparse. You can also apply the Ricigel, the new product from Atelier du Sourcil, based on 100% organic castor oil which strengthens the hairs and gives them a shiny effect thanks to its intense moisturizing power. "

Make an appointment and ask our professionals for advice! 

* Our supplier of pigments of French origin meets all mandatory standards in force.

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