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Article: How to make up blue eyes to enhance them?

How to make up blue eyes to enhance them?

To bring out all the beauty and radiance of blue eyes, there are a few makeup rules you should know. Here are all our tips for a bewitching look!

Blue eyes are particularly beautiful naturally, but they can be enhanced even more with makeup. To do this, there are a few little make-up rules to know so as not to make mistakes. It would be a shame not to reveal all the beauty of your azure gaze. Which colors should be preferred and which ones should be avoided? Should certain products be favored? L'Atelier du eyebrow gives you all its makeup secrets to enhance your blue eyes.

How to choose the right eye shadow?

To highlight blue eyes, we recommend that you use shades that contrast with the color of your irises. Neutral colors such as beige, sienna or even taupe will warm your eyes. Reds, oranges, copper as well as pink and purple will sublimate your eyes.

There are different shades of blue, some eyes are dark blue, others turquoise while some have gray highlights. For each specific color, there is a shade to favor to truly sublimate your eyes.

Light blue eyes will particularly appreciate neutral browns, but also orange or bronze. Metallic colors like gold or rose gold match perfectly with blue eyes, but the must is bronze with orange undertones. Orange is the perfect opposite of blue on the color wheel. Creating a beautiful contrast, this color will immediately highlight your eyes. On a daily basis, apply a bronze-brown eye shadow to the level of your lashes. For an evening look, prefer a smokey eye in warm and metallic colors.

If you have medium blue eyes, any shade of brown will look great on you from camel to coffee to chocolate. If you like metallic hues, then copper is for you. You can also allow yourself shades tending towards purple or khaki. All these colors will be ideal for daytime makeup. We like to wear copper as a single stroke of eyeliner to highlight the eyes. In the evening, it can be intensified even more by betting on black.

If you have dark blue eyes, prefer light colors to brighten them up. We then opt for light browns, nude shades but also pastel colors. We prefer colors with shades of orange and yellow such as salmon, peach but also lemon yellow or even champagne.

As for blue-gray eyes, warm colors will be their best allies such as orange browns but also copper. You can afford more vitamin shades like coral or lilac but also gray and blue! Yes, it is possible to make up blue eyes with blue. We bet on midnight blue, navy, petrol blue or even teal blue. For the evening, brighten your eyes with charcoal eye shadow for a dramatic look or silver for a more festive look.

If you have blue-green eyes, once again it is the warm colors that will enhance your look. Choose shades of red and orange, but also metallic hues like bronze or copper.

Finally, if you have bright blue eyes, go for light shades like gray, taupe and beige instead. You can also let yourself be tempted by gold which will particularly highlight your eyes.

Which mascara to choose for blue eyes?

Black mascara is suitable for all iris colors, so it will enhance your eyes. However, it can be easily replaced with dark brown for a softer and more natural makeup that will work perfectly for a daytime makeup. You can also bet on colors like dark blue or gray, less intense than black, but which will not fail to enhance the look with subtlety. For a mascara ultra-volume, use our Volumacils +, for a volume and definition mascara, the Volumacils.

As for other colored mascaras, blue-green eyes will be highlighted by turquoise. This pretty shade will bring out the green pigments in your irises for even more contrast and depth. Finally, purple will adapt to all shades of blue.

What eyeliner for blue eyes?

Black eyeliner is a staple of makeup, but it's not always blue eyes' best friend, it can be too intense for your eyes. It is therefore necessary to apply it with a light hand and to draw a fine line to emphasize the eyes without overdoing it.

It is a good idea to replace it with gray, brown or taupe, which will be less intense and reveal all the radiance of your eyes.

Some cool colors will work great with blue eyes, especially purple which works well with all shades of blue. We also like midnight blue and turquoise, especially for blue-green eyes.

As with eyeshadows, metallic bronze, copper, gold, rose gold or even silver eyeliner will add extra sparkle to your eyes.

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