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The beauty of the eyelashes


Get more length, matter and volume!

Too short, not sufficiently supplied? No panic, several solutions are available to you!

Our technicians receive specific training for lashe extension poses in order to embellish your gaze and protect your eyes.

Heaven or Russian volume, we explain everything...

Find out our techniques:


Extension cil cil method brings length and intensity through the application of a synthetic matter cil extension on a natural cilia.
It will give a lengthy effect and strengthen your gaze.

The pose natural: 1 extension every 3 natural lashes.

The pose refined: 1 extension every 2 natural lashes.

The pose sophisticated: 1 extension of lashes on all natural lashes (except undercut and small size lashes).


Extension russian volume method brings volume and intensity through the application of bouquets composed of very fine to extra-fine cilia extensions (2D to 9D).
Beforehand, bouquets are hand-made, then deposited one by one on the natural lashes.

The poserefined: 1 bouquet from 2D to 9D every 2 natural lashes.

The posesophisticated: 1 bouquet from 2D to 9D all natural lashes (except undercut and small size lashes).


Give your eyelashes a length of naturally!

The Rehaucils® allows the eyelashes to be raised instead of curved, which differentiates it from the permanent.
We use the entire natural length of your lashes. They then give a length impression, are more visible and disciplined for an average duration of 6 weeks.

For a better result, we recommend that you combine this benefit with a semi-permanent mascara or eyelashes dye for a mascara effect!

Find out our article: The Rehaucils®: the eyelashes enhancement of the Sourcil Workshop, written it with your eyes!


The dyeing of the lashes allows you to intensify the color of your lashes, its outfit is about 3 weeks.

The semi-permanent mascara colors the eyelashes by giving a matter effect, such as that of a waterproof mascara. Its outfit varies from 10 to 15 days.

To completely forget its mascara, we recommend you to realize a Rehaucils® beforehand in order to raise your eyelashes naturally.

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Naturals (1 cil/3) 60€*
Refined (1 cil/2) 95€*
Sophisticated (all lashes) 150€*
2 weeks retouching 50€
Three weeks to touch 65€
Retouchs 4 weeks 80€
Refined (1 cil/2) 160€*
Sophisticated (all lashes) 200€*
Three weeks to touch 85€
Retouchs 4 weeks 100€
Sophisticated (all lashes) 180€*
Retouchs 4 weeks 90€
Lay eyelashes + care 20€
False eyelashes fringe 18€
Tiles dye 25€
semi-permanent mascara 60€
Rehaucils 80€
Rehaucus + ciles dyeing 100€

*including deposit

The rates mentioned are applied in France. They may be different in the International Workshops.

I take RDV

Questions - Answers

Lashes extensions

What is the difference between the cilia extension and the Russian volume extension?

The cilia brings length and intensity through the application of a synthetic matter cilia extension on a natural cilia.

The Russian volume offers volume, as well as intensity by applying bouquet of several very fine to extra fine extensions made by hand and deposited on a natural cilia.

How long does the session last?

The duration varies according to the choice of the benefit:

Natural: 45 min
Refined: 90 min
Sophisticated: 120 min

Russian volume
Refined: 105 min
Sophisticated: 120 min

Sophisticated: 90 min

Does it hurt the eyelashes?

To the extent that you comply with your technician’s recommendations, your eyelashes will not be damaged.

Can I make up before?

Yeah, but the technician will have to unmask you.

Can I make up after that?

It is not recommended to make up the eyelashes, but you can make up your eyelids.
For followers of the mascara, use a pin dedicated to extensions.

Shall I avoid water?

Yeah, for three hours.
Then, the lashe extensions allow bathing and contact with water.

How long are the extensions holding?

As long as you want, for as little as you do the touchings.

Is there a risk of allergy?

The lashes extensions don't touch the mucosa. But you can be sensitive or allergic to a product used, so it is best to tell us the possible allergies you encounter.



What's the difference with the eyelashes permanent?
The permanent curves the lashes, but does not lie them down.
The Rehaucils® raises the eyelashes and allows them to gain their entire natural length.

Does the Rehaucils spoil the eyelashes?

Not to the extent or a period of 3 months shall be respected between each benefit.
The laying times are adapted to the eyelashes qualities of each client.

Can I make up after that?

Yes, with a 12-hour delay, but you can make up your eyelids.

How long is the benefit?
45 mn si Rehaucils®
1:00 with a dye.

How long is the result visible?
Between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the nature of the eyelash.

Can this benefit cause allergies?

Very rarely.
If you have predispositions to allergies, it is highly advisable to specify these to your practitioner before starting this benefit, in this case a free test can be performed.

Can I introduce myself with my contact lenses?

Yes, the technician will ask you to remove them to perform the performance.


semi-permanent mascara

How long is the benefit?

About 20 minutes.

How long is the result visible?

Its outfit varies between 10 and 15 days.

Can the pose apply to the bottom eyelashes?

Yes, the laying can be done on the eyelashes from the top and bottom.

Is the deposit necessary?

The initial price includes a deposit you can make in Workshop, but it is not systematically necessary.

Is it possible to perform a Rehaucils® before the delivery?


Can I be in touch with the water after the delivery?

We recommend that you avoid contact with water for 3 hours

Can I re-maquille after the performance?

No, it's not possible to make up his eyelashes after laying, but you can make up your eyelids.

What's the difference with the dyeing of the lashes?

The dye will intensify the color of your eyelashes.
Semi-permanent mascara will give a matter effect similar to a natural waterproof mascara.

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