Thanks to his vivid imagination and his passion for beauty, Joss tries day after day to improve our daily life!
Its latest creation Le Kiosque, a unique place in the heart of Paris, where you are at home, since it was designed for you, for your pace!

Eyebrow waxing, makeup, eyelash extensions are offered, and all without an appointment !

How did you come up with the idea for the Kiosk?

It's "thanks" to the competition (laughs)! All these people who have adopted the same concept as us made me want to go further in our aesthetic approach. My goal is to offer identical services, but in a radically different way and therefore to give birth to a completely innovative concept!

What can you tell us about this special place?

It is a place that adapts to demand, through a flexible service card! No place like this exists in Paris. Do not expect a classic institute: our ambition is that our customers feel at home! You won't find a beauty salon vibe. You will be in front of a dressing table, like at home! Except here, an advisor will assist you and provide you with that little extra that cannot be found elsewhere, such as makeover advice!

Why can't we find semi-permanent makeup on your card?

Semi-permanent makeup requires very complex training. I wanted to offer a simple and accessible concept, personalized, completely innovative even if makeup exists everywhere!
Innovative in its service card, innovative in its way of presenting services and products and innovative in its design, in its decoration ...
The fact of not having semi-permanent makeup allows us to take care of more people, and to discover a range that I particularly like.

Who is this new space for?

It's for everyone! From young girls to men, including young brides or the most flirtatious to less gifted women…!
For example, we will offer simple and accessible make-up courses, to reproduce at home! Do you have a party or a date and you don't have time to come back to your place? No problem, you go to the Kiosk and make yourself at home. The products are at your disposal!