How to avoid grey-mine in winter?

You've been dreading it since the beginning of the school year: winter and its grey syndrome. That's it started, the days are getting shorter, the sun is making its own... For many, it means a loss of shine! But don't panic, there are a few tricks to not lose anything of its glow. A quick round-up.

1. Drink a lot (really a lot) water: for sure we think about it more often when it's 30 degrees but do not lose his good habits in winter! Try to drink a minimum of 1L of water per day. A little tip to think about it: always put a glass of water or a bottle (for the eco-friendly side!) on your desk.

2. Light up your eyes!It is the area of the face that often absorbs signs of fatigue. To fade them, we recommend our pencil Luminabrow illuminator. Thanks to its light-filled pigments it's a real flash on the look! Apply the matte hue to the eyebrow arch to lift this area and open the look. Then place a touch of the iridescent hue on the inner corner of the eyes to make them sparkle.

3. Radiate!Put a veil of light on your skin with our newIlluminator Pearly Powder. Its pearly particles will dress you in a simple pressure, leaving your skin delicately satiny and fragrant.

The little extra? A chic, retro pear-shaped bottle that beautifully decorates your bathroom!

The gray mine in winter? Never!