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Semi-permanent makeup

Semi permanent: a method that gives you a natural result.

Semi-permanent: how to navigate?

  • Microshading method: allows a natural and melted result
  • Microblading method: more delicate, it allows a rendering similar to hair by hair, depending on the type of skin

Semi-permanent makeup involves implanting pigments under the superficial layers of the skin to create shading in the natural eyebrow.
After restructuring, the combination of semi-permanent makeup on sparse areas will give your eyebrow a perfect line.

Short eyelash or eyeliner, what's the difference?

The lash line intensifies the look without having a line on the eyelid. The ultra-natural result gives depth to the eyes.
Eyeliner allows for a more or less thick line on the eyelid, thus avoiding daily makeup.

L'Atelier du Sourcil advises you:

  • Indicate your allergies and current treatments,
  • Avoid water or the hammam after your session.

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Microshading 200€*
Microblading (hair effect) 280€*
Mixed 240€*
Upper lash line 160€*
Lower lash line 100€*
Eyeliner 180€*
Mole 50€*
Erasure Consult us
Semi-permanent makeup correction Consult us
Up to 4 months 40€
Per additional month 10€
From the 16th month 200€*
Up to 4 months 45€
Per additional month 15€
Touch-up from the 16th month 280€*

* includes a touch-up to be carried out within 2 months of the service.

The prices mentioned are applied in France. They may be different in the International Workshops.

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Questions answers

Semi-permanent makeup

Upon your arrival, you will be given informed consent and recommendations following the practice of semi-permanent make-up indicating the precautions to be observed. Informed consent will be kept by our brand. The history of your visits is entered into our computer system, accessible to the entire network.

For safety reasons, semi-permanent make-up / Retouches / Eyelashes / Eyeliner are prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


What does semi-permanent makeup consist of?

This service consists of emitting a pigment under the skin using a needle in order to create a shading or a hair effect.

What's the difference between microblading and point-to-point?

Microblading creates an effect of hair in the eyebrow. Point by point will create shading.

Do I have to pigment my entire eyebrow?

No, it is quite possible to target certain areas only.

Is it painful?

The service may be more or less painful depending on the sensitivity of each client

Is there numbing cream and where can it be found?

Emla cream can only be obtained with a prescription. It must be applied by the customer (follow the instructions in the package leaflet to apply it.) The Workshop declines any risk of allergy that may occur.

Should I arrive with my makeup removed?


How long does it take for a session?

About 45 minutes for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup.
About 30 minutes for an eyeliner

Can I apply makeup after semi-permanent makeup?

It is recommended not to apply makeup or touch the healing film while it is present (approximately 5/7 days)

Am I bloated afterwards?

Very little or not at all. Depending on the type of skin, the reactions are very different.

Are there any allergies?

The risk of allergy is not excluded but is extremely rare. If you are prone to allergies, it is best to report it to our practitioners in order to perform a test.

Is there any bleeding?

It is possible that some bleeding will occur during the delivery.

How long does healing take?

About 5/7 days. A dark healing film will form in the days following the service, giving way to a lighter shade. Some places may even have disappeared, retouching will intensify or rectify certain details.

How long does it last in time? Can the color fade or lighten?

Semi-permanent makeup will lighten in a variable way depending on your skin type, but never completely disappears. The retouching will make it possible to intensify or rectify certain details. After several months, the color of the pigment may change to an unwanted shade. This is the time to consider a maintenance touch-up to keep a suitable shade.

Should I put on a cream after the service?

A healing cream can be applied in the evening in a thin layer (consult us for the type of cream)

What should you avoid after semi-permanent makeup?

It is recommended not to apply makeup or touch the healing film as long as it is present (about 5/7 days). It is advisable to avoid hammam and sauna.

Can I get UV or go in the sun?

It is advisable to avoid sun exposure for at least 15 days. In the event of exposure after the healing phase, the application of a total screen cream to the pigmented area is strongly recommended.

How quickly do I have to do a touch-up?

A touch-up is included in the initial price within 2 months of the service. After several months, the color of the pigment may change to an unwanted shade. This is the time to consider a maintenance touch-up to keep a suitable shade (every 6 months / 1 year).

In which case is it impossible for me to practice semi-permanent makeup?

When making an appointment, it is mandatory to report any health problem or current treatment. In some cases, the practice of semi-permanent makeup is prohibited.
Reminder: It is forbidden to apply semi-permanent make-up on a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Can I touch up often?

We recommend that you go for the most natural result possible. If your desire is for a more intense result, you have the option of maintaining it by making regular touch-ups. Too frequent touch-ups can cause the color to deteriorate prematurely.

Can we get natural results on light or dark skin?

Mixtures of pigments make it possible to adapt to every type of skin, from the lightest to the darkest.

Can we make up for an eyebrow in semi-permanent makeup that has been missed?

An appointment is desirable in order to determine if the rectification is possible, in most cases the correction is achievable.

Do I have to do my retouching in the same Workshop?

It is advisable to carry out its alteration included in the initial price in the same Workshop. The following touch-ups can be done across the network.

Can we do a dye and semi-permanent makeup on the same day?

Yes, it is imperative to start with the dye.

Eyeliner and lash line

What is the difference between an eyeliner and a lash line?

A lash line is the link between the eyelashes using a semi-permanent makeup line. The eyeliner is thicker.

Am I bloated afterwards?

Your eyelid may be slightly swollen for 48 hours. By using green tea compresses with decongestant virtues but also by taking Arnica in 5 hp, you will greatly limit the swelling.

Should I put on a cream afterwards?


How long does it last in time?

From about 8 months to 1 year, sometimes longer, the eyes hold the semi-permanent makeup perfectly. After several months, the color of the pigment can evolve to an anthracite gray hue. It's time to consider a maintenance touch-up to keep a suitable hue.

Is it painful?

Quite unpleasant, the session takes place between 20 and 30 minutes.

Is there a risk of allergy?

Like all benefits we recommend to indicate before the session if you have allergies. For eye problems or procedures (surgery, laser, implants) we advise you to ask your ophthalmologist or your treating physician.