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Hydration boost!

Staying hydrated in summer also means not forgetting your skin and hair ! Discover our selection of treatments for a much-needed shot of hydration. Counteract skin or hair dryness due to exposure to the sun (UVA/UVB), high temperatures or even pollution, thanks to treatments specifically formulated to reduce discomfort, dehydration or unruly hair. Gel , cream, mask, ... adopt the treatment that suits your hydration needs.

Your skin is durably hydrated and protected, and your hair regains suppleness and shine.

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Exclu webMasque Cils & SourcilsMasque Cils & Sourcils
Masque Cils & Sourcils
Sale price54,43€
Best sellerFEEL INTENSE - Crème Riche HydratanteFEEL INTENSE - Crème Riche Hydratante
Gel Fraîcheur HydratantGel Fraîcheur Hydratant
IOMA Paris
Gel Fraîcheur Hydratant
Sale price43,61€
Sérum hydratant optimum
IOMA Paris
Sérum hydratant optimum
Sale price83,40€
FIRM AGAIN -  Crème Régénérante HydratanteFIRM AGAIN -  Crème Régénérante Hydratante
City Mist - 50ml - Moisturizing and protective mist for your face.City Mist - 50ml - Moisturizing and protective mist for your face.
Moisturizing care water - 200mlMoisturizing care water - 200ml
IOMA Paris
Moisturizing care water - 200ml
Sale price36,28€
Moisturizing make-up remover milk - 200 ml
Fresh Eye Makeup Remover Jelly - 110mlFresh Eye Makeup Remover Jelly - 110ml
NEW START - Eau Nettoyante HydratanteNEW START - Eau Nettoyante Hydratante
Best sellerBrume Hydratante & Thermo-protectricebrume hydratante et thermoprotectrice, hydratation intense, élénature
Brume Hydratante & Thermo-protectrice
Sale price31,20€
Best sellerSérum Essence Hydratant CheveuxSérum Essence Hydratant Cheveux
IOMA Haircare
Sérum Essence Hydratant Cheveux
Sale price44,46€
Shampooing Hydratant & Illuminateurshampooing hydratant et illuminateur, hydratation intense, elenature
Shampooing Hydratant & Illuminateur
Sale price28,96€
Shampooing Soin Hydratant Anti-CasseShampooing Soin Hydratant Anti-Casse
Après-Shampooing Gelée Hydratanteaprès-shampooing gelée hydratante, hydratation intense, elenature
Après-Shampooing Gelée Hydratante
Sale price33,43€
Après-Shampooing Hydratation FondamentaleAprès-Shampooing Hydratation Fondamentale
Masque gelée de soin Hydratantemasque gelée de soin hydratante, hydratation intense, elenature
Masque gelée de soin Hydratante
Sale price40,11€
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